• TetraSeis Inc . - is developing leading edge commercial technologies for seismic data processing allowing to directly image sub-vertical discontinuities that are invisible to conventional seismic processing such as:

    •  steep structure flanks
    •  zero throw faults and
    •  fluid filled fracture systems.
    Technique of Duplex Wave Migration (DWM) is patented (USA 2005).
    The Duplex Wave Migration (DWM) algorithm is designed to image Duplex Waves which have distinctively different signature from the primary reflections used in conventional seismic imaging.

    Since 2004 DWM is used for different 2D and 3D seismic survey conditions and proved to be successful at solving of variety of geological tasks.

  • Duplex Wave Migration (DWM) is a technology:

    • to image vertical events (dips from 60 to 90 degrees) which does not require large recording apertures
    • accurately delineate faults and fracture systems due to direct measurement of relative lateral changes in seismic impedance
    • identify plays with zero throw faulting
    • reliable fault compartmentalization and characterization, fault seal analysis and identification of bypassed pay zones
    TetraSeis, a part of Tetrale Group of Companies, is pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive Representation and Marketing Agreement with Nat-Frac Mapping Corporation for all of our products and services within North America.
  • The imaging of sub-vertical boundaries is solving a whole host of exploration and production challenges:
    •  Salt wall topography imaging
    •  Zero or near zero throw faults
    •  Delineation of fault compartmentalization within the reservoir
    Additionally it facilitates::
    •  Identification of bypassed reserves - enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
    •  Delineation of the edge boundaries of oil (or gas) to water interfaces
    •  Delineate complex faulting patterns in coal bed methane plays
    •  Check reservoir seals for unknown faults for top seal analysis in CO2 sequestration and Steam Gravity Assisted Drainage (SAGD) operations
    •  and many more…
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