Duplex Wave Migration is a tool for seismic imaging of sub-vertical discontinuities of different nature. It is based on the Kirchhoff  transformation, where the Green’s function is changed according to the travel time characteristics (kinetics) of the duplex wave (double reflection: from the sub-horizontal and sub-vertical boundaries and vice versa).

It is assumed that a conventional Pre-stack Depth Migration (PSDM) has been run prior to running Duplex Wave Migration (DWM), therefore we use the depth model generated from that process as a starting point. The depth model can be either isotropic or TTI anisotropic. In order to trace the sub-vertical boundaries at the level of the target horizons, usually, one or several base layers are provided from PSDM results and the resulting DWM images are interpreted jointly.

3D DWM application can run parallel computations on Linux or Windows cluster for virtually any conventional 3D survey layout and reasonable apertures, and by its intensity and hardware requirements approximately corresponds to conventional PSDM.


Seismic data processing using DWM technology. As a part of services usually is also included following basic or in-depth interpretation of processing results to solve Client’s geological task.

  •  Company has long experience of successful execution of DWM processing services, post-processing (including geological interpretation) for practically any data volume and within deadlines  agreed with the Client.
  •  Company has a cluster computing system in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which has enough power and functionalities for execution of above mentioned services.
  •  Company also has experience of execution of services on Client’s equipment (without transferring data  outside of the Client’s country).
  •  Company assures all necessary security levels at receiving, internal use and transferring Client’s data in full correspondence with the highest industry levels.


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